Best Month EVER!


Amazon just deposited my royalties for the month of December!  For the very first month I can do something with my earnings!  Yes, they deposited $14.90!  I am excited!  That’s the most I have made in one month!  I have decided I can take my husband out for a coffee in celebration.  Well, if we go during happy hour I can buy us both a beer!  Who said there was no money in becoming an author?

If you look at that deposit you know that I’m not in this for the money.  Oh of course, all authors have visions of one day being on the Best Seller’s List.  They seem to be few and far between.  That’s OK. The very fact that not only did people purchase my work but some even borrowed the book on the Kindle Unlimited.

Thank you all that had a hand in the deposit today. Your continued support is truly appreciated.  I feel the love every time one of your comment on one of my postings or when you tell someone about


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