Some What Prepared!


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Ah, peace and quiet! The big Christmas holiday has come to an end. The house is quiet and the stress of the days prior to the holiday has eased. We are eating left overs for the next six weeks. I don’t even need to cook!  So it is for those of us that don’t head out on December 26th at six in the morning to find that special after Christmas sale. Or those that wish to be the first in line to return that ugly sweater that Aunt Gertrude gave you. I have never understood why people do that. No not the giving of sweaters, the returning of unwanted things on the 26th. Is there some rule that things must be returned the very next day or something horrible happens? Like the emails you get stating “send this to fifteen people in eight minutes or a comet will drop on your house in the next eight days,’ or something to that effect.

I’m in need of a pair of rain boots for our irrigation tomorrow night. It is totally my fault that I am without a pair of boots to keep my feet dry. In my defense I will say, I was hoping our rotation time for the monthly irrigation would be during the day, which would mean my husband would have the honors. I am not that lucky. The schedule arrived the other day and of course I must open the irrigation gates an hour after he goes to work.  After the sun has gone down and the cool night air is upon the land.  I wasn’t too worried about the chill as the water bubbling out of the gates us usually warmer than the night air. Then I saw the weather report for this weekend. Below freezing for several nights. What? This is Arizona. Remember that “it’s a dry heat crap?”  What do they mean below freezing? Here in the valley?

This is when I remembered I needed a pair of rubber/rain boots! Wading through water, even if it is warmer than the air, doesn’t appeal to me when the air is near freezing. Yes, it’s true I have stepped outside barefooted with frost and even snow on the back steps of my Montana home.  Yes, I grilled year round in Montana, having to knock snow off the grill to get it opened up to start the flames. Yes, I have run out to the garage in my slippers with a foot of snow on the driveway in Montana.  I guess I have become a sissy since moving to Arizona, or have come to my senses.

I did get a little lucky, as I don’t need my rain boots until tomorrow. The shopping gods are looking out for me. I do not need to venture out of my house today to fight the crowds. No scouting for parking places. No waiting in check out lines. No squeezing between people gathered in the aisles looking for the best deals.

Hopefully by tomorrow afternoon, everyone will have returned their ugly sweaters, returned the things they have two of, or the people looking for that special deal found it and all have gone home.

I have however, checked the liquor cabinet to make sure I have a little something to warm myself after I shut the gates tomorrow. Must be some what prepared for cold weather!


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