To Every Law Abiding Citizen


First, I apologize for breaking my challenge before the end of the year but today has proved too much for me to keep my mouth shut and my fingers still.

Two NYC police officers were killed today as they sat in their patrol car. An assignation, plan and simple. Why?

I blame most of this on Al Sharpton!  He told the Mayor and Police Commissioner to listen to him or there would be hell to pay.

First of all Al Sharpton shouldn’t even be on the streets much less making demands. He owes over 4 million dollars in back taxes.  4 freaking million dollars!  Tell me how and why he is not in jail?  What a slap in the face all of us hard-working citizens that pay their taxes to keep the government working. Then  the president (no capital letters because that would show respect), invites the tax owing, riot inducing, dishonest man into the White House. The people’s house!  Why wasn’t the IRS waiting on Al when he arrived at the White House or at the meeting with the Mayor of New York City?

Al Sharpton is a dirt bag lawyer that has stirred more hate than anyone else in the last fifty years and now the gunning down of two officers is on his head.

Al Capone was a thug, responsible for many deaths and crimes and what was the final charge that put him in prison? Tax evasion.  Al Sharpton is a hater, stirring hate and causing crimes and owes the IRS over 4 million dollars in back taxes and he walks free.  The IRS knows where he is and where he’s going. How dare Obama invite this piece of shit into our White House!

How much more hate and discontent will Sharpton be allowed to spread, how many more lives will be lost because of his words  and how many more dollars will he be allowed to owe before this menus to society is thrown in jail and the key thrown away?

Obama should be arrested for harboring a criminal!  Obama knows Sharpton owes back taxes and don’t you think he doesn’t. If he says otherwise, he’s lying.

Liking Obama or not liking Obama has nothing to do with this. The fact that the nation’s president invited a criminal into the White House for any other reason than to turn himself in, is a disgrace. Every law-abiding citizen in the nation should feel this way.


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