Holding Hands and Smooches

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Do you ever get just a little tired of the characters in novels? The women are always perfect. Tall, slender, wonderful round full breast, full enticing lips, big round eyes, long full hair and it goes on and on.  So goes it with the men in the stories.  I have never read of a hero in a novel of having a little beer belly or love handles, just six packs from hell and arms that put all gym rats to shame.

Most of the characters are in their twenties and have the wisdom of most fifty year olds. I don’t know about you, but for the most part, when I was in my twenties I was as dumb as a box of rocks, with no real life experiences. I was pretty much out having fun and working so I could have that fun on the weekends.  My friends that were in college were learning a bit I suppose but that’s who I partied with, just saying.

Then there are the novels where the hero has reached his thirties or forties but he’s still with that perfect twenty-three year old woman.  Damn novels are just like the movies. If you are a woman and over forty or fifty, you are left out.

Young authors, I have to tell you something you might not understand, but people over forty and fifty still have sex. In fact, us healthy seniors still have sex and have probably forgotten more than you now know.  I understand that most people to not want to see or read about a sixty-five year old having sex, but at least let us hold hands and smooch once in a while.  Writing a love scene with older characters is like making love with the lights out. Think about it!

When I wrote MrPerfect.com, I had thought about making Dawn a younger woman but decided against it. After all, people are accustomed to silly twenty year old girls being  damsels in distress.  Just because women are past menopause or creeping up on it, doesn’t mean they don’t want to feel sexy.  I know, how would a young author even understand that concept? If you can’t figure it out, go talk to your mom or grandmother.





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