Oops On Keurig!


Last week my old Keurig coffee maker passed away. I promptly went to Wal-Mart and found a great deal on one of the new 2.0 makers.  Even got a $25 gift card with it. Wahoooo.

I have been fighting with the damn thing since I brought it home.  It would not use the K cups I was using from Sam’s.  So I ordered the San Francisco brand from Amazon which I used in my old maker for years.  It even said, works with the new 2.0 makers.  Nope!  Still getting the Oops message on the new maker.

So I borrowed some K cups from mom that came from Costco. They worked. They would get me through until my order from Amazon came today. You got it, the Rio Grande K cups that even had the Keurig logo on them, didn’t work either.  Enough already. I called Keurig and they mostly said I had to use only Keurig K cups.  Sorry, but I’m not paying $.55 and more for a k cup for my coffee maker. Not going to happen. She offered to send me two boxes of K cups. Well that’s nice of  them but what do I do after they are gone?

I boxed up the new 2.0 maker and the big pods I had bought and loaded it all and myself up in the truck and headed off to Wal-Mart.  In soccer moms picking up little Johnny and Susie from school traffic. I had taken my crazy pills so there was no road rage even though I thought about it.

I walked up to Customer Service and the girl looked at the 2.0 maker and turned to her work mate and stated, “See, another one!”  She then began to tell me they are not working with anything but the high dollar Keurig K cups.  Told me she bought the Keurig Elite model and it takes anything and everything. So I now have the simple Keurig Elite model and it’s working just fine.

So Oops Keurig on you. I will pay your high price for a coffee maker but I refuse to pay extra for your little K cups. If my new not so fancy maker stops working, I’m done with your coffee makers period.



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