Grocerry Store Melt Down

sinus headache

In keeping with my niceness challenge for the rest of the year, please note this is a positive blog. Positive that I didn’t spank someone else’s child, I wasn’t arrested and that I kept my mouth shut, sort of. I know, that hardly ever happens. But my head almost exploded!

As I rounded the corner of an aisle, about half-way down was a mother, a girl about 12 or 13 and a boy about ten. The boy was sitting on the mom’s knee as she was squatting behind their cart. The boy was having a complete melt down. I heard him tell his mother, “Just shut up!”

It was all I could do to stop myself from grabbing this slobbering brat by the back of the neck, hold him off the floor so he could look deep into my eyes, knowing he was about to be given a spanking he would never forget! Then spank him some more if he didn’t apologize to his mom and everyone watching.

The mom just kept trying to reason with him and he kept getting louder and more belligerent. I found my items and had to turn around and walk past them again because the aisle was blocked on the other end.

Now the boy was shouting, how his mother was wrong and he had talked to dad and he could do what ever he wanted.  The little girl started to say something and the mom told her to be quiet, she had nothing in this fight. The boy stood up and started walking away, turned around and spouted off about what he was going to get. Them mom said, Okay.

There was another lady about my age watching all of this unfold also. I made a comment about if she’s afraid to put a stop to his actions I’ll spank him and risk going to jail. She said, he’s probably never been spanked and this is what’s wrong with the world we live in.

OK, I understand there are many people out there that think spanking is wrong and considered child abuse and that’s your right. But this boy in my opinion was border line parent abuse and disrespectful to her and everyone in that aisle. I just don’t get that type of parenting, allowing your child to act in a manner that shows no respect for the parents, other humans or themselves.

This is the kind of child when he grows up and can’t have his way, will just take something, or bully someone until he gets his way, or ends up dead some place because of his actions against another human. Then the parents will get on TV and say what a wonderful young man he was.

I wanted to follow the boy and when he stopped to retrieve the items he wanted, I could have snatched a knot in his tail, the good old fashion way. I think tearing that ass up one time in the middle of the grocery store would stop all future grocery store melt downs.

Maybe I had just better stay out of stores until after the first of the year…..just saying.


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