Let Me Die Before……

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I don’t even know where to start. I just saw a report on TV that Harvard Law School students want exams to be postponed because they are too up set over the grand juries decisions made this month in MO and NY.  HUH?  I backed the DVR up and listened to the report again. I sat there with my mouth open, slack-jawed not believing the words I was hearing.

What a bunch of mambey pansies! What in the hell are these students going to do when a judge over one of their cases does something they don’t like? Are they going to ask the judge if they can go home because they are upset?  If Harvard Law School had any balls it would tell these students that exams will be as scheduled and if you don’t show up you fail. But then, we all know that the Liberal Harvard School hasn’t had a set in too many years to count. Too much big money supports that school and all the other schools that are following in their steps.

This would be like going to West Point and not showing up for rifle training because the loud noises scare you and you get upset. West Point should do away with rifle training because of upset cadets?

Harvard Law School and their students need a good swift kick in the ass by R. Lee Ermey, Gny Sgt Ret.  If I had just paid thousands of dollars for my child to attend any school, much less a high dollar school like Harvard and they were out protesting instead of studying for their exams, their wish would be for R. Lee to show up instead of me!  He would go easy on them compared to the ass chewing coming from me!

I would also demand that Grand Jury classes be given again because apparently they are not being given correctly or every one protesting just didn’t learn how Grand Juries actually work under our system.  Not to worry if it was my child, they would ace the class after I got done with them.

Lord, please let me die before I should ever need a lawyer again for anything. I think I would rather go to jail than have to deal with what is now coming out of our universities.


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