I Can Do This!

DAWNBLOODWORTH - holiday challenge

Last night I posted this challenge on Facebook.  Wow, I only got two likes.  But that’s Okay! I’m going to do my very best to keep it happy and light for the next 21 days.  I do hope this is easier than sticking to a diet. If it’s not, I’m doomed.

Being a news junkie I’m sure this will be harder than I thought it would be. The first thing I do in the mornings after making myself a cup of coffee is to check a news source.  TV, internet, radio, something.  This morning I have done none.  It’s killing me!  I want to know what is going on in the world. As my husband days, “the same stupid stuff that was going on yesterday.”  He doesn’t understand after the biggest part of ten years of having him, my daughter and son (in-law) working and traveling all over the world, while I held down the home front, it’s a habit. I think quitting smoking might have been easier but that was in 1979 and I’m sure my memory has eased that pain a bit over the years.

I do promise no matter what I read or see, I’m not going to respond in my normal sarcastic humor.  If I do fail, I promise to get back on the wagon.

I can do this!


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