Remember When Shopping


DAWNBLOODWORTH - Home for the holidays 2

Unless you have ever owned a small business or have self published a book, you might not understand just how hard it is to keep going every single day. We do not have a huge corporation behind us, blasting ads on television, radio, newspapers, mailing ads or even on the internet. We are struggling every day, hoping that someone will see us, see our store front as they drive on their way to the mall, or that they might hear about our books from one of our readers.  We nag our friends to give us a try in hopes they will pass the word.  We work countless hours on our own, no personal assistants, maybe a couple of employees to help with our stores, no high dollar editors or publishers, and no Madmen doing ads for us.

Nope it’s just us.  I’m not asking that anyone stop buying from big box stores. I buy there myself.  I’m asking that you shop local and shop independent authors first. You will be pleasantly surprised of the many options out there in your local stores and looking at self published authors. There are some really good writers out there looking for a little attention.

Remember us for the holidays and all year long.


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