Just One Freaking Day!


What everyone has failed to address over the past few weeks is the fact that if there was no crime, police wouldn’t have a damn thing to do!  No not passing go, and no going to jail. No arrest, no being treated badly, nothing to protest or complain about.  Gee, there’s a concept!  No crime!

What saddens me the most is that Americans find no fault with comments like, “He wasn’t robbing anyone, he just took a few cigars.”  Or, “He wasn’t breaking the law, he was just selling cigarettes with no license.”

In stead of honoring law breakers, why don’t we demand a day, just one freaking day, 24 short hours, where no one and I mean absolutely no one commits a crime.  Any kind of crime!  “Crime Out!”  It would be impossible because we have lived too long thinking some crimes are OK.  Stealing a few cigars or selling items without a license, No big deal, after all who are they hurting?

Well ask the store owner in Ferguson if he was hurt.  You really think the guy selling single cigarettes with no license is NOT going to sell to your twelve-year-old child? He’s not checking IDs.  What kind of nice guy steals things out of the local store? What kind of father has 31 arrests and sells things illegally?

Imagine all the police departments nation wide, having no calls on crime for 24 hours.  No calls, no complaints, no arrests, no problems.  I bet you can’t even imagine a day like that. I’m sure police can’t.

We have become so accustom to lawlessness that the thought of a whole day without crime is beyond our imaginations. Even for those of us that live in nice neighborhoods or work in fairly crime free areas.  We still have to drive to and from places with people speeding or driving recklessly, which yes is another crime.  We are sharing the roads with drivers that have been drinking.  Oh but you say, he only had a couple of beers.  When does it become against the law, when he kills someone behind the wheel after drinking?

It seems to me we are living in a society where people think your actions are only a crime if you get caught.

Someone, please tell me when a simple act which is against the laws of your community becomes a crime?  If you can’t answer that, then you are a part of the problem honest, law abiding people face.




2 responses to “Just One Freaking Day!

  1. Great post, very interesting idea, I can’t imagine a day without crime.
    I think crime is an act that hurts someone else or something else. I also think that there are lots of things that are crimes that are not against the law. I don’t know what it takes for something that is against the law to become a crime. I think that the law can be wrong about some things. Especially in the past a lot of horrible things were legal such as torture, slavery and rape. Also some things such as gay marriage that are currently against the law in certain places that may not be a crime (by my definition at least) although I’m sure there are arguments to say they are crimes.

    • Purpldragon, thank you for much for your input. Things from our past that were horrible were changed and other things are changing now. I agree with what you say but everyone seems mad at the police and it was grand juries that decided the outcome, not the police. Grand Juries are secret for a reason and that is how our system is set up. Both grand juries were of mixed races. They saw and heard things we did not or did the crazy media. Like I said, we have lived lawless for so long we can’t imagine a day without crime no matter how small the deed. Sad.

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