If Only


Yesterday I was waiting on my mother in-law at the doctor’s office.  The room was full with people quietly waiting, reading or watching TV.  I pulled my book out of my purse and starting reading.  Very stealthy, I made sure the cover was available for everyone to gaze upon.  After all, no one knew I was K. D. Bloodworth.

I opened the book to about midway and started reading.  It took about ten minutes for the woman next to me to comment.

Woman: “That’s a scary cover on your book.”

Me: “I know, that’s what got me interested. That and the title.”

She read the title and started laughing.

Woman: “Mr Perfect, huh?  Is there really such a thing?”

Me: “It’s about an internet dating site and an older woman who get’s involved. It starts out as a joke or dare.  It’s not ending well.”

Woman: “What does the cover say?”

I close the book and hold it where she can see and read the whole cover.  I noticed the lady across from us looking interested, so I turn the book so she can see it too.

Second Woman: “Wow, that looks good. A mystery, right?”

Me: “Yes, it’s been a real page turner. I haven’t been able to put it down. I started it this morning and I’m already halfway through.”

Second Woman: “K. D. Bloodworth? I never heard of her.”

Woman: “Me either and I read a lot.”

Me: “She’s a new independent author I found on Amazon. I started reading independent authors a while back and have found some really good books out there.”

Woman: “What do you mean Independent Author?”

So I explained what I was talking about and soon there were three other ladies and one man gathered around.  Looking at my book, reading the back cover and flipping through the pagers.  I was in fear someone would recognize me from the photo on the back but I was sitting there wearing my glasses and my hair is now short.  No one took notice.

Soon I was explaining how you could buy the book on Amazon even if you didn’t own a Kindle and that it was also in paperback, like the one they were looking at.  By the time my mother in-law returned to the waiting room, everyone in the room had handled my book and some even took notes on where to look and how to buy it.

My real excitement came that evening when I noticed my sales report and hundreds of people had purchased my book!

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I looked at the clock and it was only 3 a.m.  I really needed to get back to sleep.  I had a busy day ahead of me taking my mother in-law to the doctors.  I was wondering if dreams could come true?


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