Crazy People on the Internet, Trust Me!


This caught my eye yesterday after my explanation of my sorry ability to promote myself and my work.  P.T. Barnum couldn’t have said it any better.

Call it nagging, being pushy, bragging, blowing your own horn, pride, or any other of the many adjectives that might come to mind, if ya don’t do it, nothing is going to happen.

Ya have to get it into your brain that one ‘like’ is better than any rejection or negative comment.  It just takes that one special positive comment to the right person and hundreds if not thousands of people are reading your work.  That might take a year, two years or maybe even never.  There are worse things in life than not having people read your books.  Ya don’t have to think very hard to come up with a long list of those things either.

So snap out of it! Get your tail in gear and get to promoting that book, or my book or any book.  I don’t have a problem telling someone about the great book I just read.  I’ll even tell strangers about a book I’m reading.  But for some reason, here we go again, when it has my name all over the cover, I feel self-conscious telling someone what a good read I have in my hands.

Well, no more.  From now on,  the person reading and telling about the book is a different person than K. D. Bloodworth the author.  K. D. Bloodworth is just someone who’s book I am reading and it’s a good one.  In fact I’m having a hard time putting the thing down.

If anyone asks me if I know this K. D Bloodworth, I’m going to answer, yes and leave it at that.  It won’t be a complete lie.  After all, I do feel like K. D is my evil twin. I have no idea where she comes up with the stuff she writes about. It gets scary sometimes.

With that said, have your read  It’s available on Amazon, eBook and paperback. It grabbed me from the beginning and I couldn’t put it down.  The scary part is that it could actually happen. There are some crazy people out there on the internet.  How do you know if you meet a real nut case or not?  It’s hard to tell until you are in deep trouble.  You should really read this book and tell others to read it too, specially single ladies.

You belong to a ladies book club? This is one to read for your meeting.  Trust me on this. You’ll like this book.





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