Like All Good Children!

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In my reply yesterday to another Indie Author relating on the frustration of promoting their own book, I hit the old nail right on the head.  I thought about my reply most of the night.

Yes, I was brought up by parents that looked down on bragging on yourself.  If I did praise myself for something I achieved, I would be adorned with a sarcastic “Well, if you don’t toot your own horn, who will?”   Promoting my book seems like I’m tooting my own horn and I can just see the disgusted looks coming from mom and dad.

Don’t get me wrong, my parents told me when I had done a good job, and praised me for my outstanding accomplishments (however few there were) but to my knowledge this was done only in the privacy of our own home.  I could be wrong there but I remember my parents making comments about other parents bragging on their children non stop.

I was also brought up in the times when not everyone team was a winner.  Not everyone got a trophy. Not everyone got to carry the ball or take a turn up at bat.  When I won some awards for my art work in school my parents proudly displayed the awards and mom even cut out the newspaper article with my name mentioned.  I was so proud, but I held back my pride.

This is my dilemma, I’m proud of my work but struggling to sell myself and my book.  I’m having a horrible time tooting my own horn.  But really? Is anyone going to toot it for me?  A few have with great reviews.  You would think of the 153 people who took advantage of the free book offer would man up and post a review.  Maybe it’s not good after all and they don’t want to hurt my feelings?  I refused to let myself feel that way!

I know this is a good book.  I know because everyone that has read it and contacted me has said they couldn’t put the thing down until they finished.  I know this book is much better than my first attempt at writing.

So like all children, I’m going to blame my parents for my inability to successfully brag on myself, I mean promote myself.  However, I will keep trying. I’m sure on of these days, someone, somewhere will pay attention to this little unknown Indie Author with heart!


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