A Small Gesture

Thanksgiving celebration thMS8JPEH9

I’m posting this simple request to all my readers and am asking each of you to pass this along to all you know.  On this day of Thanksgiving I’m asking for one simple gesture.  When you set your table today for your Thanksgiving dinner, take the time to set one extra place setting.  Leave that setting empty for the entire dinner. A gesture of love and remembering all those that can’t be home with their families especially, today.  Our wonder Military personal, police, firemen, EMTs, nurses and doctors.  Men and women that give up their times for all of us, so that we are free to celebrate this day, or any other day for that matter.  The men and women that come running when we are in need of help. The men and women that run towards the gun fire or into a burning building.  For those that save us from a car crash or a threatening illness.

All those people we take for granted because without thought we know deep down inside, no matter how bad things get, they will always be there.  No matter how much they are hated, even the haters know they can depend on these people to come running to save even the haters.  Even the haters know men and women are serving all over the world so they have the ability to hate in public freely.

Please set that place setting and explain to all those that enter your house today why there is an empty setting at your table.  A small gesture indeed but it means so much.

Happy Thanksgiving


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