Don’t Get Covered!


Said every single woman in the world!  Depending on where you were raised and the year you were born will effect just how much sweetness and innocence you lost.

For those of us born in the 40s and 50s, come the 60s, Hell we lost a lot.   At my age I’m starting to wonder if there is anyone over the age of ten who is still sweet and innocent?   Think about it, 12-year-old girls are having sex!  12 years old, I wasn’t even looking at boys and actually thought it all sounded gross when my mom told me about the birds and the bees.  Wow, that really aged me.

Ah, but soon shit happened, I thought I was grown up enough to handle it all, and yes I lost my innocence. I think I was 16 and by the time I was twenty, well let’s not go there.   I still like to think I’m still sweet.  Well, my husband and some of my close friends say I’m sweet.  I guess I have my good days and bad!

Does this make me a bad person.  I think not!  It’s called life and by golly I have lived an interesting one and still going.  If I could instill what I have learned over the years into any young person that was still sweet and innocent, I surely would.  But you all know, most of us have to learn on our own.

I do believe as we grow into adults the more shit there is to deal with but we are able to handle more shit. By the time we are retirement age we have learned well how not to stand downhill when the shit starts rolling.  It’s better not to be sweet and innocent than to be covered with shit. Just saying….




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