Lucky, Blessed or Both?


I read a post today that said, “If nothing hurt when I woke up I would think I was dead.”  This got me to thinking on just how lucky or blessed I have been all my life and still am.  Sure, just like anyone that has lived as long as I have, there have been many bad things that have happened to me.  Being honest, I have to admit, most of the bad stuff happened because of not so smart decisions I have made.

I didn’t ask however to be sickly as a child, but having my tonsils removed when I was eight years old fixed that problem.  I didn’t ask to almost die from an Etopic pregnancy but I was blessed with a beautiful daughter two years later.  Who knows why I have had to have all the surgeries I have endured and the breast cancer thing, well shit just happens.

Bad relationships, bad marriages, bad jobs and many moves all over the country and yet I still feel that I am lucky and blessed.  Oh, I would like to be thinner or in better shape but for the most part, I am so much healthier than so many my age or even people younger than myself.  How wonderful I find life that I can still do so many of the things I love to do and am healthy enough to try new things.

From time to time, I get a little freaked out because at my age it seems the end is closer than I would like it to be.  Maybe only because I look back and see just how fast the last twenty-five years have passed by.  If I live another 25 years, I’ll be 89!  Holy crap!  How can that be?  I also realize that my future is here and I’m living it.  Now that’s a little scary too. My parents lived to be 76 and 80. Will I live longer?  Geese, I sure hope so, as 76 doesn’t feel that far off at all!

The truth of the matter, when I get to feeling a little scared, I just remind myself what all I have lived through and I’m still kicking.  By all accounts I should have been dead several times. I suppose that is one reason I decided to start writing.  Yes my books are fiction but the ideas come from things I have done or lived through.  I could write my memoirs but who would believe it?  I have trouble believing some of it!

In the mean time, as long as I stay lucky and blessed, I’ll keep on adding memories to this life.






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