Work or Fun, Pick One!


After several weeks of pondering the idea of another book and even starting to write, yesterday my brain pulled it all together.  I realized there was just more about the couple in MrPerfect that needed to be told.  As always, once the idea sinks in, the words fly onto the screen.  The problem with my writing is that life keeps getting in the way.  I try to treat my writing as a full-time job but I just can’t do that.  If it becomes a job then it’s not fun.  An activity that is usually not much fun is called work and I don’t want my writing to become work!

When the new book trailer hit Facebook and YouTube yesterday, I received several comments and it spurred me onward.  It doesn’t take much to light the fire in my case anyway.  A few “I loved the story,” or “I couldn’t put the book down,” or “Can’t wait to read the next book,” and my brain pushes so many ideas out there it’s hard to get them in order.

My thinking has always been, if work was fun it would be called something else.  I suppose one can enjoy their job to the point they think it’s fun but when you think about it, I doubt they go back to work on their days off.  Nope, they’re out there doing something fun.

“What you do for a living?”

“I’m a professional dancer.”

“You off this weekend?”

“Yes, why? You want to do something?”

“Sure, let’s go skiing.”

“Great, that will be fun.”

Get my point? I want to sit down at my computer and write because it’s fun and I enjoy it.  Not because someone is telling me I need 200 pages done by next Tuesday.  That would be work.

Now I just have to decide if I have fun today or have fun today.  The joys of being retired.  I plan my housework around my fun!



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