Think About This on Veteran’s Day

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Veteran’s Day 2014 and I’m sitting here at my desk with the freedom to write this blog, a simple thing but something many in the world can not do.  I try not to write too much political blogs, as there are enough of them floating around but today I’m breaking my own rule.  Today I’m going to throw a few of my own ideas out there, love them or hate them, they’re something to ponder.

I was raised in the 1950, where we said the Pledge of Allegiance every school morning.  Where we went to Memorial Day and  4th of July Parades.  Labor  Day was more than a day to mark the last day of summer.  There was no draft but young men and women proudly joined the military.  Even silver spooned men joined to serve and was proud of their service.  Came Vietnam and things started changing but that’s not where I’m heading, as that’s a whole other story and thought.

Today I’m wondering why our Constitution wasn’t written or have an amendment stating that Presidents, Vice Presidents and all members of congress should have served in our Armed Forces?  I believe this should be mandatory, even if one serves for just two years in the National Guard, not saying that isn’t as important as other branches.   Another thing I believe, this country needs is for all men and women of 18 years of age should also serve two years.  You don’t believe in war?  Fine, there are many jobs in the military that would not have anything thing to do with war if we happen to be in a state of war at the time of your service.

My reasons?  Just look around you.  We have raised a nation of people who believe everything is owed to them.  Everyone gets a blue ribbon or trophy.  Everyone gets the same wage.  Everyone gets the same praise.  We are a nation of average because if someone excels someone else might get their feelings hurt. Why even our own military boot camps and basic training camps have become wimps.  The DI yelling at you? You get to pull a stress card?   Bull hockey!  Audie Murphy is rolling in his grave and so is General Patton.  You don’t pass  boot camp, sorry.  You do it again and again, until you pass.

If every man and women in this country served for two years at the age of 18, by the time they were 20, mature men and women would be going to colleges or entering the work force. Men and women that have a clue of how the world really works and how other countries live.  They would not be nurturing their opinions of things they see on the Daily Show, Saturday Night Live or what some professor has told them, a professor that also has no clue either.

How dare we as Americans have people in office that think they have served their country because they worked in some committee for some Senator, or as an aid at the White House.  Really?  How dare we as Americans vote anyone into office that hasn’t served in our Military and knows what it’s like to face adversities other than missing a fund-raiser party.  I’m not saying that everyone in congress or the White House needs to know what it’s like to sleep in the dirt in a war zone.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was never any more wars?  I’m saying things would probably run a little differently in our Capital if those in charge had been in the Armed Forces, had grown up a bit sooner with the responsibility bestowed on them at the age of 18.  Knowing what it takes to be prepared to defend this country and the willingness to do so.  The saying of keeping your friends close and your enemies closer, doesn’t mean be all fuzzy and warm with them.  I’m not saying we declare war on all those that hate the American way.  I’m saying we need leaders in this country with a sense of what America was and can be again.  The only way, in my opinion, for us to do that is for our leaders to grow a pair.

I look back on my life now that I’m almost sixty-five and think how different my life would have been if I had gone into the military after high school like I was thinking I should.  I’m not saying I don’t like my life now, but if I had bucked up and joined the Navy like I should have, I would have grown up a lot sooner and not have wasted so many years being young and silly. I wouldn’t have struggled for so many years.

Since hindsight is always 20/20, maybe it’s about time we amend the Constitution and make it mandatory for all those in Washington D.C. serve in the military first before trying to lead this great nation of ours.






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