Stars Are Good Too


Write your stories everyone said.  It’ll be fun, they said.  We love your stuff, it will sell like hot cakes, they said.

OK, I will give them one thing, most everyone that has read my new book has said they couldn’t put it down and they loved it.  Have said they are ready to read my next book.   That is encouraging.  Actually, that is just about the best thing a new author can hear.  More than fun but an experience that can encourage, calm the nerves and remind one why they write in the first place.

It’s not about the money and fame, although that would be really sweet, but it’s about people liking what you put to pen.  With a gazillion indie authors putting new books on the internet every single day, the odds of selling enough books to buy breakfast are about as good as one winning the lottery.  This is why I have started reading new author’s, unknowns.  I think the well-known authors of the literary world have had enough success.  I’m reading some really good works by new authors, just like me trying to get their work noticed.

Now knowing how hard it is to get noticed, I’m doing all I can do with what spare time I have for reading to help newbies along.  So after you read my latest work, available on Amazon,, give more new authors a chance.

Even if you took advantage of a free online book special or a $.99 book, take the time to leave a review, if even just a star rating if you aren’t comfortable writing something.  The best thing you can do for a new author is to get your friends to read the book you loved so much.  All the blogging, tweets, and Facebook posts are good, but word of mouth is the real deal.

I remember when the women in my office were reading Twilight, something I would probably never pick up and read.  When hearing everyone talking about it, not only did I read it but the others in the series too.  That my friends is how author’s work gets noticed!







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