Recipe for Success

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After a long weekend of a free book promotion, constant twitters and blog messages, this morning I have learned the recipe for getting noticed.  Sad as this may be, I learned today the secret to getting noticed is having a cat on your blog or twitter account.  I saw a twitter account this morning that had over 2,000 followers.  A 26-year-old woman with a cat.  That’s it!

Now I’m not by any means belittling the young woman and her cat, but I must reflect on my life at 26.  I had probably traveled and seen more at that age than most but I still had no clue to life in general.  Maybe because I didn’t have a cat?  I had traveled across the country playing pool to make ends meet or not.  Maybe we would have won more bets if we had a cat with us on our travels?  In all fairness I have not read this young woman’s blog, probably because I’m so jealous that she has more followers than I do because of that darn cat!  Maybe.

When I saw this twitter account had 2,000 followers, I knew then I should have put a cat in MrPerfect instead of a dog.  I was sure that a dog would have been a much better choice if lost in the wilderness.  A cat would have walked away, saved itself  and never said a word to anyone about the lost human.   The police would have found the cat in its cat bed back home, licking its paws and demanding someone to feed him and  crying out loud for someone to, clean out his litter box.

I’m seriously thinking about changing my banner to a photo of a cat.  In desperation this morning I had to go on-line to find a photo of a cat.  I looked quickly through my many files for a photo of the two cats I had when we lived in Montana.  For the life of me, I couldn’t put my fingers on a single photo.  So for the sakes of saving time I found of photo of a fat orange tabby cat that looked just like my Slick.  Slick got so fat one winter he could hardly squeeze through his cat door.   I will say one thing, if I had put Slick in the story, he would have had a dead mouse to offer up as a prize.  Slick was a great mouser.

What I would really like would be 2,000 readers of  Maybe I should have Classy Designs to add a cat walking along the lake bank on the cover?  Or maybe I could put a photo of a cat on the back cover of the book instead of my photo.   Maybe I should # cats in all my twitter posts so people will notice me more?  K.D Bloodworth, author of available on Amazon, #LovesCats.  I just might try that!



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