Dreaming the Dream

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My eyes feel like someone rubbed sand into them while I was sleeping last night.  No, I’m not suffering from a night out with the girls or staying up too late partying.  I could only wish.  I spent most the day yesterday on the computer trying to promote my book.  Hours of Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, AskDavid, emails and the list goes on and on.  Plus research on how to promote and summit books for movies.

I think I’m too old to hold down all  my job titles here at the house.  I’m chief cook and bottle washer.  I’m the laundry person.  I’m the cleaning lady.  I’m the personal shopper.  I’m the accountant.  I’m the pet’s groomer and care taker.  Those are just for starters at our house.  Then I help mom at her house with these things.  How in the world am I supposed to do everything I need to do while I promote my book and write more?

I need a personal assistant and an agent!  Ok, maybe not the personal assistant, that would drive me crazy.  Maybe I need a maid?  I think I could deal with someone cleaning my house for me. Probably not doing my laundry because I’m sort of a control freak over laundry.  I don’t like my things, except for towels and sheets coming out of the dryer completely dry.  Something I could never teach my darling husband.  His dryer needs only one setting, BAKED!  And if he doesn’t get them out of the dryer when it stops its cycle he bakes the items more.  That’s his idea of ironing.

OK, I have this figured out.  I just need an agent, someone to get my book out there and enough sales that someone wants to print it big time.  Then I could solve all of this myself.  Ah,  the dreams of a new author.  That dream of someone loving your writing and wanting the whole world to read you newest book.  It does happen.  Every new author wants it to happen to them.  It’s not the money!  It’s the wanting people to love your work enough they want to talk to you about it.

I’m a lucky woman and have had so many of my dreams come true that if one more doesn’t, it’s no big deal.  On the other hand, another dream coming true, would be wonderful.  in the mean time, I will keep working hard and dreaming the dream.



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