Trick or Treat Throw Back.

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Throwing back a few Halloween’s ago, when I helped Kelley (my daughter) and friends of hers from the Red Horse Unit at Malstrom Air Force Base in Great Falls, Montana.  The unit put on a great haunted house.  We had so much fun that Halloween.  I don’t think I had laughed that hard in all my Halloween’s put together.  I think it was 2004 but I’m not sure.  I do remember making grown men yell and grown women scream.  Teenagers were the best.  I creeped up behind one group of kids, the last girl in the group turned around and I was right behind her.  She sat down in the middle of the floor and wet herself.  We would go outside after several groups and laugh and talk with some of the kids.  Many came back again so we would change-up or positions so we would be coming at them in different places in the dark.  I don’t know about the people who came through that haunted house that year, or about the Red Horse men and women but it was a Halloween I will never forget.

Scaring people always makes me think of years ago, when my girl friends and I would play hide and seek in the local cemetery, hiding behind tombstones and jumping out to scare each other.  Good clean fun, no one got hurt and we never damaged any property, except our own clothes from falling down laughing and rolling in the Michigan green grass.  That was a summer game for us because it might be snowing at Halloween in Michigan, one never knew.

Anyone from Brighton, Michigan reading this, I’m sure remembers kids soaping windows down on Main Street.  Teen aged delinquents used wax! If we got caught using wax, we got grounded.  I only got brave enough once to toilet paper someone’s house and my folks found out about it and I was grounded for a week.  I never ever threw an egg.  If I had and my parents would have found out, I probably would still be grounded.

I love all the technology of today and the advances in medicine but I miss those simpler times.  I’m glad I grew up back then, lived through it all and am here to share the memories.




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