Fuzz and Muddy My Inspirations


Being a dog lover and having two in my life, I had to put a dog in MrPerfect.  A friend of mine kept emailing me, what happens to the dog?  Is the dog Okay?  Where is the dog?  Never mind that the heroine is fighting for her life in the wilderness, lost and hungry, with a serial killer hunting her.  My friend was more worried about the dog.  My inspirations were asleep at my feet in my little office while I wrote MrPerfect.  Every now and then I would look at them and wonder what would they do?

Muddy would be looking for food as she’s my chow hound and Fuzzy would never leave my side.  She would wait for Muddy to bring back something to eat.  I couldn’t help but combine both Fuzz and Muddy’s personalities into the dog in MrPerfect.



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