Shouting From The Roof Top


Wow, I really thought after went live I would have calmed down some.  However, this morning I still like I want to stand on a roof top and shout out to the world.  Then I started wondering if all authors feel this way.  I’m sure most of us new writers have this feeling of accomplishment and want people to read their work.  What about famous authors that seem to pump out new book every few months?  Since I don’t know anyone famous, I can only imagine and that’s a scary thing sometimes.

After one makes it to the New York Times best seller list does the excitement of a new publication dwindle?  Maybe that’s why so many famous writers take new writers under their wings and share writing with them?  They feed off that new authors excitement, gaining their emotions?  Are they crushed when that first bad review arrives or have their skins thickened over the years.

Well, I’m a new author, still wanting to shout to the world that I accomplished another new book.  I think it’s better than my first attempt, but in fairness, it’s a totally different kind of story.  My husband told me last night he was proud of me for writing two books.  I told him be proud if I get noticed and people like the book.  He reminded me that not everyone can put their thoughts into words much less write a book, good or bad.  And he reminded me that he had read some pretty bad books written by famous authors.  Eye of the reader, he said.

To keep my emotions in check I have a day planned working at my mother in-law’s house getting things ready for new flooring.  That should bring me back down to earth.

The roof top is much more fun!


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