Creepy and Scary Things

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With the release of just days away and Halloween creeping up on us, I have pondering where I got my love for creepy and scary things.  Things that go bump in the night.  Things that make our own heart beats threaten to puncture our eardrums.  Things that close our throats off so no screams can escape.  Things that cause the scared response to close our eyes or run for the hills.  I don’t think I’m a twisted and scary person.  I love beautiful things too.

I have no need to be totally scarred in real life.  Been there and have done that too many times in my short life.  Have stared down a tornado or two and have faced death medically a couple of times, I don’t need any of that again, ever.  Being scared reading a book or watching a movie or a television program, bring it on!  I’m game!  Want to visit a good haunted house? I’m the one to call!  Not a real haunted house!  Nope that’s not going to happen but I’ll brave any Halloween haunted house around and love it.

Remembering back to my early teens when us girls would sneak around the local cemeteries at night trying to scare each other was such great fun.  However, the love for creepy and scary things started long before those fun times.  Late night pajama parties (now known as sleep overs), would find us wrapped up in blankets in front of the television watching old black and white movies.  The Mummy, Dracula and the Wolfman were our favorites.  No blood and gore was needed to scare the holy bejesus out of us.  Still to this day, I do not need any blood and gore to have a good story get to me.

What really scares me?  The thought of being lost in the wilderness with nothing to protect myself or any survival tools with me.  I probably wouldn’t be so good on the reality show, Afraid and Naked.  The being naked part would be a creepy and scary thing for the views for sure.  Being trapped in a drowning situation would be horrible.  It’s the anticipation of what is going to happen that makes it a good story for all of us.

I’m in hopes that will give the readers that since of hopelessness and fear.  If I get a few OMGs I will know I did my job reaching down into the creepy and scary things.



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