Rejection Sucks

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How much rejection is just too much?  I suppose that depends on how strong is the author or artist.  Just went I was feeling secure about my photography and tried to sell a few pieces of my work, I learned people love my work when it’s free.  Put a price on it and the, “Oh, I love this,” turns into, “Oh, that’s nice.”   I don’t know what else to say other than I have some really nice photos hanging on my walls.

Now I have finished my second book.  I’m starting to wonder why I wrote a second book.  Like my photography, when I offer my first book for free, it flies off the shelf, or off into cyber space, since it’s not in print and still just on Amazon.  Why my spirits were even lifted when I saw some copies were picked up overseas.  Surely the French would like the book.  However, just like before, when the book was taken off the free offer days, nothing moved.  Not one single copy sold.  So again it’s the, “Oh, I loved this,” turning to “Oh, it was nice.”  If something is good when it’s free, isn’t it good with a small price attached?

Before I take the plunge to self publish my second book, since my publisher went out of business, I tried to get another publisher interested in my work.  Several rejections and many no replies, I am having to dig deep for some strength.  I keep telling myself, why even Hemingway was rejected and so was so many other famous authors.  It’s part of writing.  Books are just like photography.  One person loves a photo and the next one thinks it stinks.  Some people loved my first book and others thought it was crap.  OK, maybe crap is a strong word, because I have read some really bad crap and I don’t think my first attempt was really bad crap.

I try to be objective and decide truthfully if I would be reading this if I wasn’t the author.  That is just about an impossible chore.  That’s as hard as editing your own work.  I hate that too.

Maybe if I keep giving my first book away I will be on the Best Book Give Away list?  Is there such a thing?

In the mean time, I keep writing and keep that camera handy.  One just never knows when rejections will turn into acceptance.


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