Not So Long Ago



I’m throwing back just a few years today.  This photo was taken in Las Vegas maybe four years ago.  I had just purchased some hair.   When I took at this photo I have a strange desire to grow my hair back longer so I could pull it up and throw the hair extensions on and be on my way.  Then I remember I’m living in AZ.  The heat here would probably melt the synthetic material to my head.  That would be attractive.  As it is now, I have my hair Arizona short and am praying for cooler weather.   I decided with the arrival of the first really hot weather my hair style is the last of my worries.  Trying not to die from heat exhaustion was my first priority.  It’s almost the end of September and I’m still alive!  How silly I was thinking I could have nice hair after moving from Montana with its never-ending wind.  Instead of leaving the house and always having that wind-blown look, I now leave the house and within minutes I have that just out of the shower, still wet look.

Our local weather people have told us a cool down is on its way.  That could possibly mean I can walk across the grocery store’s parking lot and arrive at the doors dry?  If sweating could make me skinny, I would be a size 2 by now.   Next summer I’m going to look for a used astronaut suit with the little portable air conditioner attached.  Do they make astronaut suits in women’s plus sizes?  After all, Hollywood has made us think anything larger than a size 12 is a plus size but that’s another story.



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