First Instincts!



Have you ever been talked into doing something that deep down inside you thought you shouldn’t do?  You gave in, thinking what the hell?  What can it hurt?  Then later on you experience that sickening feeling that you should have listened to your first instincts.  Maybe you even think to yourself, the last time I didn’t listen to my first instincts remember what happened?

Are we in denial when we ignore those first feelings of maybe we should just walk away?  Maybe we are thinking that it’s time something good happens to us or surely something bad couldn’t happen to me?   Maybe it’s that we need some excitement in our lives so badly we ignore the obvious.

I wonder how many people die every year because they ignore those first instincts?



One response to “First Instincts!

  1. Yes most of us have done things that we knew would not be in our best interest but we went ahead and regreted it later but thank God as we get older we control our bad temptations and live in peace. Good luck on the new book.

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