Beam Me Up!

Aviary Photo_130552317184850350

Where is the crew of Star trek when you want to be someplace?  How great it would have been to beam ourselves up to Glacier National Park on Saturday.   I suppose that there is a good reason we do not have the technology to transport ourselves.  Probably because the ability would fall into the wrong hands. Bad guys would be popping up all over the place and faster than they do now.

Wouldn’t it be great to receive a last-minute invitation and just beam yourself over?  It was a great idea, but then so were the flying cars in The Jetsons.  Seems to me we should at least one of those ideas in production by now!

For now, I’ll be happy that my friend was able to instantly send me this photo.  I didn’t have to wait for her to process the film, package the photos and mail them to me.  We never though anyone would be able instantly send photos when we were watching Star Trek or the Jetsons.  Then again, we didn’t think everyone would have computers in their homes or phones that do all the things our computers do.

Maybe I will live long enough to get beamed up or have a flying car.



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