Sunday Morning, A Gift

Image 3

Today was just one of those mornings when a person gets up, looks outside and just feels better about everything.  A little closer to God, nature, the world in general and myself.  What a lucky or blessed person I am to be able to enjoy this morning.   This mornings bike ride made me forget about the trouble in the world and allowed me to escape into a peaceful place right here in the Valley of the Sun.  My senses seemed to expand, allowing me to see and hear every little noise that God’s creatures sounded as they scurried about.  The kind of morning that will stay with me for a long time.  If I could give the world something, it wouldn’t be a best-selling book or a grand gesture of some kind, but it would have been this morning.  The people of the world could have been at peace with God, nature and themselves, if even for an hour.  That one hour might change their whole life, one never knows.


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