Making It Real


Have you ever read a book and thought this could happen to me?  Only in most books the female character is usually a young, super model type with a flawless body and skin.  My inner person is a super model.  I’m almost six feet tall and only weigh 155 pounds.  My hair is long and thick.  My skin is flawless and with my fingernails I could also do nail polish commercials, no need for acrylic nails on these hands.  My eye lashes look like I have lash extensions applied by a professional make-up artist. I have deep blue eyes that a man could dive into and never find the bottom.  I’m always dresses like I just walked off the runway at fashion week.   I live a super models life, jet setting around the world with men begging for my attention.  Time to wake up!

I stopped growing in height when I was sixteen.  Never made it past 5 foot five but I always stretched it to five foot five and a half inches.  Made me feel taller.  I was blessed with nice skin but not so much the flawless body.  We’re not going to talk about my battle with my weight for most of my life.  I gave up on that when fashion designers decided that a size 12 was a plus size.  I have very fine, bodiless hair.  I keep it short most of the time because when it’s long, it looks stringy.  My fingernails usually look like I just spent hours working in the garden without gloves.  In my younger years I did have fairly long eyelashes but in my old age, not so much.  I need those lash extensions so you can see my eyes.  My once dark blue eyes are more of a blue/grey now and not so deep.  My jet setting is the weekly trips to the grocery store.

I decided an older woman would be the female lead in my new book,   Not to worry, she’s not as old as yours truly but she’s not young super model either.  I tried to keep her real.  A woman who had lost at love and wasn’t looking for anyone to share her life but she is drawn into an adventure that turns bad.  Her only hope is to escape the madman and survive the wilderness.

Coming soon…………


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