Teaser Tuesday


As I sat on the front porch in the warm sunlight, I started to wonder how safe I really was way out here in the wilds of Montana.  Since I didn’t know what time Michael would be back, I decided to get a bath and at least look human when he did return.

I locked the front door, grabbed another cup of coffee and headed to the bathroom.  I pondered the idea of taking a shower.  If I got in the shower I would not be able to hear anything else going on in or around the cabin.  I laughed at myself.  “Geese, a little paranoid aren’t you?” Only no one answered.  I decided a shower would be fine.  Finally convincing myself that I would be safer out here than I was in the shower in my little apartment in Richmond.  Just how much crime could there be way out here?

I stayed in the lovely hot shower until the water started cooling off.  The hot water tank didn’t like my kind of long showers.  I threw on clean clothes and dried my hair with a towel.  I applied a little blush and some mascara, adding just a little color to my pale complexion.  Looking at myself in the mirror, “OK, Michael, you can come back anytime.”

I grabbed my coffee cup, warmed it up a bit with some more coffee and returned back to the porch.  The sun was still warming the rocker so I flopped back down.  After finishing the coffee I was thinking about taking a little walk around the cabin when I heard something moving through the woods.  Maybe a deer.  I was thinking it was moving too fast to be a bear.  Maybe an elk, as we were in elk country.  I stood and was scanning as deep as I could see into the forest.


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