True Friendship

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If only this photo could talk.  You may look at this and see two young women, and the father of the one on the right, yours truly.  Everyone smiling, a happy moment in time.  There is so much more behind this simple photo.

Diane, was a co-worker, that became my best friend.  Lordy the things we got ourselves into and then had to figure a way out.  We became friends in 1976.  Diane a single divorced woman and myself a divorced, single parent of a two-year old.   We eventually became roommates.  Even though many people thought we were wild and crazy girls, we spent many a Saturday night eating popcorn and watching The Love Boat on TV.

Lord knows I had no idea what I was doing, as kids didn’t come with instructions.  We just plugged along doing the best we could figure out. I have no idea what I would have done in those years if it had not been for my friend helping.   No matter what, we stayed friends.  Through all the broken hearts of lost loves, all the different jobs, and even endured all the miles between us when I moved away.

Just like a married couple, we had our ups and downs.  Diane probably more times than I ever did, said to herself, “What is she doing?”  or “What is she thinking?”  She never passed judgment on me and always stood beside me, in all my decisions and I her.    No matter how long it had been since we had spoken to each other, whenever we picked up the phone to talk, it was always like we had just spoken a couple of days ago.   We laugh, we cry and we vent.  She picks me up when I am down and she says I do the same for her.  She’s the sister I never had.  Probably a good thing she wasn’t my sister, my parents would have hung us out to dry long before this photo was taken.  We would have needed it too.

The reason for this trip down memory lane;  today is my friend’s birthday.  If everyone in the world could have one friend like Diane, the world would be a much nicer place.  If you have a friend like this, give them a huge hug the next time you see them because they are few and far between.

Happy Birthday to someone who defines the true meaning of friendship.




One response to “True Friendship

  1. Oh my tears in my eyes, lovely friend. Always have loved this photo. Your dad was a wonderful real man and dad!! All so very true. We are lucky woman to have found each other 38 years ago! Simpatico forever! So looking forward to seeing you very soon, YEA!! XO

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