National Dog Day


Again I find myself wondering who makes this stuff up.  National Dog Day, we need a national dog day?  Let my invite you into my house.  The home of Fuzzy,a Golden doodle and Muddy,a Labra doodle who let us live with them.

The morning starts with me having to tell both of them to get out of bed.  No, not a doggy bed, sitting near our lovely king sized bed. I need to tell them to get down from our bed. The allow my husband and me to share one half of the bed. When we go to bed at night they trick us into thinking they will lay in their places at the foot of the bed.  Sometime during the night, both have done the Seal Team 6 sneak up to my side of the bed.  Fuzzy will be laying with her head on my pillow and he long body next to mine.  Muddy is stretched across the lower half of the bed, flat on her back and her four paws up in the air.  K, my husband and I are curled up into small balls as to not disturb the girls.

K still asleep, the girls and I get up.  They wait on me to let  them out as if they understand I have a 64 year old bladder. I think they wait just to shame me.  They run outside and before I can even turn on the coffee pot they are back at the door demanding to be let indoors.  They have me trained well, as I close the door and head straight for the treat bin.  They know the routine too well, and will get impatient if I stray from the normal.

Depending on their mood, they either stay with me in my office patiently waiting for their breakfast or they go back to bed until K gets up.  Now they can really stretch out with me out of the way.

After breakfast I am allowed to go outdoors with them for a run and play date. I am given their favorite ball in which I’m expected to throw until they want to do something else or my old arm falls off.  Then we go back indoors where the girls drink and drip water all over the kitchen floors so they can watch mom mop it up.  Then it’s time for morning naps, only interrupted when one of them wakes up and decides they need to be petted.  In that case either K or I dutifully pet them until they decide to go back to their naps or we tire out again.

The day is spend repeating the routine until dinner time.  They do allow us to cook and eat first, only because they think one of us will give them a taste of human food.  Before we can clean up the kitchen, they demand to be fed, in which case, one of us jumps up and gets their dinners.

After the girls eat, it’s time for their after dinner scratching and petting session because anyone can tell you, either dog has received enough attention during the day.  Then it’s outside again for another play and run time to be followed by more petting and telling them what pretty girls they are and how good they are. 

Exactly at 10 PM they ask to be let outside for their last trip before going to bed.  When they come back indoors we start receiving the old stink eye from both of them because it’s their bedtime.  The nightly routine of tricking us into thinking we might be able to stretch out in our own king size bed starts all over again.

To whoever came up with the National Dog Day, please come to my house and stay for a while.  Forewarning: if you spend the night, shut your bedroom door.  My girls are very concerned about you feeling lonely and will be in the bed with you before you can pull the covers up to your chin.

Yes, everyday is National Dog Day at my house, after all a house is not a home without a pet.  And my pets are part of the family.


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