What Happened to the Golden Rule?

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I was not born a poor black child in a ghetto.  Ooops, just aged myself.  I believe  the term now is, hood.  So OK, I was not born a poor black child in the hood.  I had only one brother and we both had the same father, married to our mother.  We were exposed to different religions but were not forced into any certain one.  Our parents left that up to us, after we were old enough to learn and decide for ourselves.  We were not rich and we were taught that we were owed nothing.  It was up to us to work, educate ourselves and do right in life.  If we made mistakes and failed it was our fault not someone else’s.  We were taught it was OK to fail but to pick ourselves up and try again.

We were taught the golden rules of life and we were expected to live by them.  Not necessarily in this order but here are our rules.

Do not lie.

Do not steal.

Do not intentionally hurt anyone, physically or mentally.

Tell the truth even if it means you will get into trouble.  Everyone does wrong or makes mistakes.

Forgive those that hurt you.

Obey the laws.

Respect your elders, including police and other’s of authority (teachers, principles, firemen, military, aunts, uncles, etc.)

Honor your mother and father (which goes with the respect your elders).

Now this may sound really old fashion, but we were taught to not have illegitimate babies.  OK, in this day and age, I totally understand single people wanting children or gays wanting a child, but this young women having four and five children with no means of raising them other than welfare and every child has a different father that isn’t in the picture isn’t working.

Family comes first.  Then your job and friends and good times come later.

In the past two weeks, I have come to the conclusion these rules are not being taught and certainly not lived.  All one has to do it turn on the TV and watch the news.

The Brown man, and I say man, was 18 years old and the size of a NFL linebacker, not a little teenager out for a Saturday play date.  If he and his friend had been living by the golden rules of life, he would not had been caught on video robbing a local business man.  The police would not had been called.  The police would not have been looking for two suspects.  There would not have been an altercation between the policeman and the robber inside of the police car.  No one would have gotten their skull smashed and no one would have been shot.  A sorry chain of events caused simply put by a 18-year-old man who didn’t know the golden rules of life.

All the protesters from Ferguson and those that are not,  are not living by the golden rules either.  Look at their actions over the past two weeks.  These people don’t respect themselves much less their elders, the police, the laws or their fellow-man.  The same thing can be said for hoods all over this country, including poor redneck, white trashy neighborhoods.  It’s not a race thing, it’s a people problem.  People not knowing right from wrong and blaming everything on someone else or something else.

As far as this old broad is concerned, protesters that riot to get their way should be considered terrorist.  Simply put, terrorist is one that inspires fear.  If you don’t think the rioting has not inspired fear you should think again.  People not living under any kind of rules, specially the golden rules of life, instill fear in me.  It should you too.


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