When I Learned to Multi-task.

Scan 11

This morning because of an email from a dear friend of mine, I started thinking about 1977.  I know, that was longer ago than most of my readers are old.  It was however a great time to be alive.  Sure there were a lot of crazy things going on in the world.  We were poor, we didn’t have all the electronic toys to make our lives easier but we didn’t know any better.

I saved for months and months to buy a CB (citizen’s band radio)  which was all the rage after the movie Smokey and the Bandit.  Everyone, and I mean everyone was talking on the CB.  I was working, along with my best friend at a Union Oil truck stop.  So of course that only fueled the fire to have a CB.  Even the truck stop had a CB at the service desk where I worked.  We were allowed to talk to the truck drivers going up and down I-94, just to the north of the plaza.  That was if we weren’t busy with a customer.

It wasn’t long before I was stuck with a CB handle (radio name).  Yes, I was tagged “Delta Dawn.”  No matter how I tried to shake the handle, it stuck.  My friend was known as Strawberry shake because of the little red Chevy she drove.  I could write a book on the havoc we caused during those CB years.

Cell phones and texting were thirty some years away.  But we could talk up a storm on our radios.  I was driving a 1970 Camero, three speed.  That meant I had to shift gears, drive, smoke a cigarette, and talk on the radio while keeping the greasy side down.  In other words, keep the car upright, tires to the road.  I could multi task for sure back in the day.  One morning I was caught by a truck driver neighbor driving to work, talking on the CB, drinking coffee and putting on lipstick.  I probably had a cigarette going too.   And they are telling us how dangerous it is for us to talk on the cell phone and drive.  Why it’s a wonder that anyone lived through the 70’s.  Smokey and the Bandit could have been the demise of the whole human race if the CB craze had lasted longer than it did.

Now days it probably wouldn’t be politically correct to call a cop a “smokey bear,” or a “super trooper.”  People against gay rights wouldn’t understand any of us calling someone , “good buddy.”

If you are not old enough to have lived through those times, I’m sorry for you.  It was a great time to be alive.  It was OK, for someone to say, 10-4 good buddy, catch ya on the flip side.”

We all wanted to be east bound and down, loaded up and trucking.  Some of us actually did drive truck but that’s another story.







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