Back In Hell


The news on the TV is so bad, I returned to Editing Hell yesterday.  I was all excited yesterday about the cover release and got all fired up about editing.  That lasted about three chapters.  I have been trying my best of figure out a way to make myself enjoy editing.  I’m not getting the job done.

Instead, I sat and thought about all the things I would rather be doing.  Root canal came to mind and even child-birth wasn’t this painful.  Then comes the second guessing what I wrote.  Should the structure of the sentence be changed?   I change it and then change it back.   Now, I no longer trust the spell checker on my computer program and have my trusty dictionary in my hands.  By the time I finish this painful job, I will be able to recite the damn book word for word.

After three chapters, I ran from my desk, plopped down in my favorite chair and grabbed the book I’m reading.  Escape into vampires and New York City!  The last place this country girl would want to be and I have no desire to hang out with vampires, but this book has me.  I finished three chapters of reading someone else’s writings and cleared my brain.  I was able to edit several more chapters.  The words were not all running together.

Here I sit this morning with more editing to be done and I feel like I’m in Editing Hell again.  My husband asked me when I was going to start another book. ” ANOTHER BOOK?!!!  I have to get out of this hell before my brain can work on something new,” I yelled.  He walked away quietly.  Smart man!

Last night I was sound asleep when my eyes popped open.  I looked at the clock, it was 0230.  An idea for a new book was seeping out of my brain.  I started to wake my husband and tell him the idea, but I was afraid he would ask me if I had the edits done.  Better to not risk making headlines. “Woman in Arizona kills husband over book editing project.”

I just got in from a bike ride and now instead of editing I find the need to clean house!  After all, I don’t need a root canal and I’m too old to give birth.  Maybe I will edit this afternoon or tomorrow, or……….. When do I need to send this off to the professional editor?  That day can’t come too soon!  I need saved!



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