Who Makes This Stuff Up?

Image 1

Over the past few weeks I have been sucked into the Face Book quiz abyss of darkness.  I can not be the only person out there that just can’t stop taking these crazy, silly quizzes?  I can’t seem to stop!  I’m addicted!  The bad thing is when I finish one and get the results I think to myself, “Gee that was dumb.”  OK, often they quiz seems to hit the ol nail on the head.  Here are a few things I have learned about myself thought these carefully studied quizzes.

1.  My brain is really 16-year-old.  OMG!  Not again.  Or maybe still?  I want the body I had when I was sixteen, not the brain I had back then.  Talk about your lucky to be alive joke, I’m a walking example.   What a rude awaking later on when I learned I really didn’t know everything.

2.  I’m kind-hearted.  OK, I knew that.  If I wasn’t so kind-hearted I wouldn’t have given my ex husbands  so many chances before I finally gave up and opened the door for them to leave.  I wouldn’t get my feelings hurt so quickly and I wouldn’t lend money to people I know I shouldn’t.

3.  I have a creative brain.  Well, I knew that.  I have been creating stuff since I can remember.  Mostly I create fun stuff to do instead of adult, responsible stuff.  Oh, they meant stuff like arts and crafts?  Writing and photography?  Got that too.  I also get great pleasure in acting a fool and making people laugh.  Does that count?

4.  I have an American Native name, a hippy name, a hooker name, and don’t forget the list of what my name really means.  None of which came close to what I thought my names should be.

5.  In a past life I was a ruler or maybe a bum.  I can’t remember.  I have always thought, with my love for the mountains, that in a past life I was a mountain man but that wasn’t on the list.

6. What movie star am I?  I wanted to be Loretta Young as a girl, but she wasn’t on the list.  My quiz came back I was Curly from the Three Stooges.

7.  The quiz did get it right that I should be blonde.  Everyone loves me as a blonde and so do I.  The quiz didn’t tell me how to come up with all the money to keep up my dark roots!

8.  What TV crime show best describes my life?  No crime in my life and the Andy Griffith Show was not on the list.

9.  What does my Spirit Animal say about me?   My animal was a loon.  A crazy flipping loon.  Well that about says it all.

10.  What 70’s TV show character am I?  None of them because I lived the 70’s and if I they made a TV show about what really went on back then it would have to be on cable!

After the last quiz I promised myself I would not be taking any more quizzes!  Never again!  OK, that didn’t last long.  I just took a quiz on what animal I will be reincarnated into.  An Octopus?  OK, maybe this is an upgrade.  Wildly intelligent, independent and headstrong.  Oh, that’s me now, so there won’t be any change.  I thought we were suppose to go onto a higher level or something when we’re reincarnated?  Who makes this crap up?


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