I’d like to Apologize!


Remember this photo from a post regarding my trip to Hawaii?  How well I remember how freaking hot and humid the island was, reminding me of the many years I spent in the Southeast.  Hawaii, I would like to apologize for all the bad things I said about the heat and humidity.  I would also like to apologize to the Southeast.  If you all think it’s hot and humid in those places, please come to Arizona during monsoon season.  It was cool this morning, only 77* when I got up but it was 93% humidity.  Really?  I thought Michigan was bad in the summer.  This monsoon season really does SUCK!

Before we moved here I looked at the average weather for the year.  Nothing that I thought I couldn’t handle.  After all, even the records show hardly any rain and low humidity all year.  What in the world does the internet know about monsoons, specially in the desert?  Monsoon to me means Southeast Asia, like Vietnam or Cambodia.  I know my geography!  Or even the monsoons of India.   Little did I understand that by Arizona standards monsoons mean high humidity and down pours that only last a few minutes and dump large (again by Arizona standards) amount of water.

Two blocks away from our house the water was running through the streets, trees downed, and dry river beds experiencing flash flooding.  We got nothing!  Last night it was north of us, people even trapped in their flooded cars.  Apparently people around the valley will drive into torrents of water no matter what they are driving.  News showed a Corvette in window high water at an intersection last night.  Not the brightest maneuver in my how to drive a car book.

Everyone keeps telling me that monsoon season is almost over and the weather will be absolutely wonderful.  My only prayer is that their idea of wonderful and mine are similar.  Everyone told me the weather in Hawaii was wonderful too.  For me I needed gills to breathe most days.

In the mean time, I keep telling myself that fall is just around the corner.



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