A Teaser from MrPerfect.com


“After the Coroner examined the body and it was taken away the state boys started taking the place apart. Half the town was camped around the crime scene tape, waiting for any kind of news. They looked in every nook and cranny. They found more suit cases in the shed with all sorts of different sizes of ladies clothing. They found some men’s things in the back room of the house, tucked away nice and neat.”
“So what is it you want me to see?” Wilson was trying not to sound irritated.
As they approached the back of a black and white SUV, Dave reached and opened the door. In a large plastic evidence bag was what appeared to be a six foot by four foot piece of plywood. There was something none of the men could make out stuck on the board. Dave reached in and pulled the board halfway out.
Gunter took his flashlight and aimed the beam of light onto the plastic covering. “What the hell?”
“Its pony tails sir! Freaking pony tails! The investigators said they were human hair pony tails! Told me to load them up and bring them out here to you. Wanted to know if the husband recognized any of them to be the missing woman’s”
Wilson carefully pulled the plastic covering away from the board and started counting. There was fifteen various colors and lengths of hair all neatly displayed with pink ribbons holding the hair together. “Look John, but don’t touch, OK?”
“Gotcha,” as he took the flashlight from Gunter and started looking at each pony tail.
“I don’t know. Hard to tell. I don’t think so, but Dawn was always coloring her hair. The last time I saw her it was streaked, I think. Jesus, I just don’t know.” John could feel the color draining from his face.
“OK, boss I need to get this back to the State guys. Everyone is talking DNA, they just wanted him to take a look. Oh, they found some empty beer bottles and wine bottles in the trash. They were still looking for personal stuff in the house when I left. Maybe they’ll find something. See ya,” and the young officer pushed the door on the vehicle closed and headed to the driver’s door.
John stood there staring at the tail lights of the SUV pulled out of the parking area. He could hear the whispers of the people standing around, no doubt whispering about the pony tails.
“Its 0330 men, we might as well saddle up,” Gunter announced.


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