Good Feelings

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With my first cup of coffee for the morning, I sat down at my computer and opened my messages.  I figured I had a bunch of spam but to my surprise all of the messages were from people I know.  The second good feeling for the morning.  Just waking up is a good feeling once you reach sixty!  Ok, maybe it was the third or fourth good feeling.  After all I had been to the bathroom and had a cup of coffee in my hand.  It really is the little things that make human happy.  They forget how happy they were as children when a crayon and coloring book was the delight of their day.  As human we return to the simple things in our golden years, as they call this getting old stuff.  Golden my ….., survival of the fittest is more like it!

Anyway, I started reading the messages from my editor.  What a really good feeling when the person editing your new work tells you, “I had to read everything twice because the first read I got so engulfed in the story I forget to edit.”   I’m thinking that’s a really good thing.  I’m excited because this is my first attempt of writing a thriller/mystery type book.  I’m really not sure where this stuff comes from, I do know that I was finishing the first book when this story line popped into my head.  Now, months later the words are exploding onto the computer screen and my only problem is my fingers keeping up with my racing brain.

The comments I’m receiving are better than getting that crayon and coloring book way back when.  When I was a district supervisor for a company years ago, I always told my managers to remember to pat their employees on  the backs for jobs well done.  A simple acknowledgement of their hard work was better than raises in many cases.  Even a simple thank you for a job well done will make someone’s day.  The messages today on the chapters I sent in yesterday, well they  made my day.  Actually made my last few days.

I suppose what I’m trying to say today is that if you get the chance to be nice to someone, say something good to them, encourage them in some way, or just give a stranger a smile, you never know just how much of a difference you might make in their day, week or even their life.

Time for that next cup of coffee and back to saving the heroine.  She’s in a bad way.


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