Wa Ha Ha!

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I did something today that I didn’t know if I could do or not.  I killed a character today.  Not in a nice way either.  It wasn’t the first time a character has died in my story but they died at the hands of another character.  Today I feel like I was the one doing the killing.  He was a really bad guy and he really needed killing but my I found myself really getting into the scene.  I know I didn’t actually kill anyone but it felt good as the words appeared on my computer screen to know a really bad character got what was coming to them.  I reached down into my physic, into a fear I have about dying and let him have it.

I had always thought my biggest fear would be to die by drowning.  Sounds sort of funny from someone who use to white water kayak and canoe.  Drowning never really crossed my mind when I was on the water.  It wouldn’t be until we were off the water and heading home I would think, “Holy cow, I could have drowned in that one rapids.”  I was a firm believer in never paddling above my skill level although it had happened a few times.

No, the bad guy didn’t drown.  I thought about a few other ways that sounded like a good way to die, but going to bed and never waking up wasn’t exciting enough for the story line.  I don’t want to die in an earthquake, smashed under a building either.  But my story doesn’t take place in a city with tall buildings.  I never want to be on a sinking ship either but then we go back to the drowning thing again.  I think that fear come from me watching “A Night To Remember,” many years ago when I was just a young girl.  The original Titanic movie for those that are too young to know.

I don’t believe in Zombies taking over the world and killing us all so that was not an option, again not the story line.  Besides the character would just stab or shoot the Zombies because he’s not stupid.

Without giving away too much of the new book, I just wanted to share that I came up with a good suffering scene for the bad guy.  He knew he was going to die and then I let him have it.  Wow, K. D. Bloodworth the author, has an evil revenge side to her.  I’m liking this!  The evil only lives in the fictional part of my brain but it’s fun to let it escape from time to time.

Wa ha ha! That’s my best evil laugh!


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