A Ride with Me.

Image 3

In case you haven’t noticed, my brain works in mysterious ways.  My thoughts were all over the place this morning while I was riding my bike.  I’m not sure what makes me think of crazy things while I’m exercising but here’s what I can remember.  Enjoy the ride.   A car came a little too close for comfort for my liking this morning.  My first thought was I sure don’t need to be hit by a car this morning.  That would screw up my whole day.  Oh, I don’t have any ID on me, no one will know who I am.  Ah crap, what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.  Getting hit by a car probably isn’t going to make me stronger but will probably bust my old butt up pretty darn good.   Or maybe that’s pretty darn bad?   “Look out little quail running along side the roadway.  I wonder why some birds take to running along the ground while others soar into the sky?  If I was a bird would I be one that takes to the land or a soaring bird like an Eagle.  I’d probably end up a Pigeon, ugh, nasty birds.  Not because I’m nasty but because that’s one of the birds I would never want to be.  Wow, there goes a Jack Rabbit.  They look like little Kangaroos to me.  I wouldn’t mind being a Jack Rabbit.  They can really get moving but then I guess they would need the speed to be able to outrun a Coyote.  I never did get my Coyote coat made before I moved from Montana.  Maybe one day if I move back to a part of the country where I could get some use out of the fur coat.  Not going to happen in Arizona.  Wow, it’s getting warm this morning.  I wonder how it’s going to feel being able to ride my bike all year-long?  Oh, there goes a Miata.  I sure miss my little car.  Of all the little cars I have owned I wish I still owned that one.  It would be so sweet to be able to drop the top and go for a ride.  Well, maybe not when it’s 104* outside or in the middle of the summer here, but  the rest of the year, wowzer.  How much fun would that be?  Oh, maybe I could get a larger drop top car so that the girls would ride in the back seat.  Fuzzy and Muddy would love to ride in a convertible.  Wow, that’s a nice Harley.  I miss my Harley too.  Maybe I should start back riding motor cycles again.  Might be a bit hot in the summer there too but I do see lots of riders every time I’m out.  I’m making good time this morning.  Not riding as far but I’m making really good time and speed.  Maybe I need a road bike instead of this mountain bike.  Guess it doesn’t matter as long as I’m out riding.  Wow, sweat is running down the back of my legs and back.  I really need a different seat on this bike.  My butt hurts.  Here comes the little hill I have to go up.  I think I can make it up and over in high gear today.  I can do this!  Yea, I made it and didn’t have to change gears.  That long ride I took on Sunday really did make me stronger.  Maybe my legs are just happy I’m not thinking about 18 miles today.  Maybe later in the week.

Yea, half way mark!  It’s downhill sort of from here.  And so goes the first half of my ride.  The second half is another story.


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