CANCER, a dreaded word.


Cancer has once again invaded a family member bring back so many memories of that day in 2008 when the doctor said to me, “It’s CANCER.”   Amazing to me how one word can strike such fear and hopelessness into ones being.  Unlike war, this fight is more for just the person that was given the diagnosis.  If you are called to war you feel you have your military family and the nation behind you.  Cancer leaves you alone with your fears and thoughts so many hours during the battle.  If you are one of the lucky ones like I was, the diagnosis comes early, the fight is simple and swift, and your family and friends are there to support you through it all.  How blessed I am to be one of those people.  So many are alone and on their own through it all.

I would like to think I would have kept my sense of humor through it all, even if I had not been surrounded by loved ones.  Making myself and others laugh eased the fear and pain.  Again I was blessed because the physical pain was easier than child-birth.  My attitude, “It’s only a boob,” was considered strange by some but it worked for me.

Now we have a family member facing bone cancer.  A young man with a wife and children.  How unfair that seems to me.  A good man, full of love and kindness.  Not that I think life is fair or that not so good people should be stricken with a horrible disease.  Just in general unfair to him, his family and any one else having to hear those dreaded words, “It’s Cancer.”

I’m not a scientist, I will never be the one to come up with a cure.  I’m not an organized religion religious person, although I say my own kind of prayers.  I do believe that a good attitude will help anyone through just about anything.  One must acquire that attitude in what ever manner works for them.  Prayer, pep talks, hugs from loved ones and friends, positive attitudes from their doctors, all of the above.  Even laughing at one’s self and not taking life so seriously.  As the old saying goes, “Stop taking life so seriously, you aren’t going to get out of it alive.”

Do I worry if my cancer will come back? No, I do not worry.  I would be lying to you if I said it never crosses my mind.  Every now and then I allow that though to creep back into my conscious.  I do however kick it out quickly.  I refuse to go down that road.  In the mean time when I look at my lopsided chest and wonder if people notice like I do, I hope that when my back is turned to them they see my five-year clean tattoo on the back of my neck.  Yep, I’m a bit lopsided in the boob area, no big deal.  In fact it’s  a conversation piece.  Not as much as the tattoo but lets face it, how many women out there have one boob bigger than the other and one missing a nipple?  Now, that’s a conversation starter if I was at a nude beach!  Are there nude beaches in Arizona?

Keep the faith, keep a good attitude and keep your sense of humor.  Speaking of a sense of humor, me at a nude beach would be hysterical.  But that’s another story.


3 responses to “CANCER, a dreaded word.

  1. Dawn, we’ve not met (yet!) but, I feel we have through your words! And, yes, I think you would have “kept a sense of humor throughout it all” even had you not been surrounded by loved ones! ‘Til we meet! –Billie

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