A Guessing Game

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With plans made for the future, all my ducks in a row, I found myself wondering if the decisions I had made were the right decisions after all.  Some call it second guessing but I call it life.  Life is one big guessing game when ya think about it.  In grade school most children have dreams of becoming a doctor, vet, policeman, GI Joe, or nurse or even  a wife and mom.  As we grow our dreams change.  In high school we are thinking about other careers or life choices.  Off to college, join the military, work for a while until I figure out what I want to be when I grow up or just finding a job period.   Life choices, what a joke.  It’s all guessing what will suit us the best, guessing if we will like to do this or that, guessing about everything we do and try.   No one wants to tell ya it’s really a guessing game because that sounds like a gamble.  I’m here to tell you, life if a gamble.

You gamble on everything you do in life whether you realize it or not.  Your very first job was a gamble because you really didn’t know if you were mature enough to even work and do a good job.  Your choice of going to college or starting a job was a gamble for much of the same reasons.  Many a college student started right out of high school and soon fell by the way because they were not mature enough to stick with the books instead of partying all the time.  They were gambling that they could do both which in most cases that didn’t work out so well.

We gamble with our health in many cases.   Back in the 1950s we gambled that the new research about smoking was just a bunch of hog wash.  Now fifty some years later I see first hand people still taking that gamble by still smoking.  The bet being that any health issues will happen to the other guy.

Even where we choose to live is a gamble.  We grow up in certain areas of the country and we wonder if the grass is really is greener some place else.  We take that big risk by moving to a different area.  Big guessing game there!

Even having children is a guessing game.  Will you be a good parent?  Guessing if all the generations before you lived through it, you can too.  Guess they didn’t really tell you how hard parenthood can be even if you work really hard at being a good parent.

Simple things like what the family would like for dinner is a guessing game.  I assume that’s where, “guess what’s for dinner,” came from and not from The Three Bears story.

So, if you are feeling like you are spending most of your time trying to guess what you should or shouldn’t do next in life, don’t feel bad.  Even though most people won’t admit it, they are guessing most of the time too.

Guessing, gambling, stumbling through life, or just plunging forward, what ever the case may be, just get out and do something.  Rather you realize it or not, life is short.  Its even shorter if you are siting around on your back side and not doing anything out of fear of making those mistakes.  Take a guess of what you might want to do and take a gamble on trying something.  Life, it’s worth every bit of struggle even if you guessed wrong.

Guess I had better get back to editing my second manuscript and yes, that’s another story.



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