Thoughts of the Heart


I just read a post on Face Book regarding someone’s heart.  How it had been lied to, cheated on, broken and so on but it still works.  That got me to thinking how our hearts work.  Not the one that pumps our life’s blood but the one deep within our beings.  The part of us that leads us into love, longing, laughter, sadness, pain, and a million other feelings.  How does this part of us really work?  I have no clue.  My heart has been broken to the point I had wished I would just die.  Death would be less painful.  Yet, I healed and learned to love and trust again.

My heart has been so joyful and full of love I felt like it would burst.  Split at the seams and over flow.  Still yet this did not happen.  How can a part of us go from one extreme to another?  How can we love so deeply there seems to be no boundaries? Where does the heart live in our bodies?  People say it’s all in our minds, our thoughts but when it’s full of so much emotion it feels like it lives within our chests.

Why do some humans not have the ability to feel the love or the pain?  Why do some humans walk away after their heart has been broken, to never take the risk again of having it broken again.  While others of us just keep on trying to find that love and hold on to it until death parts us?  Some are said to be heartless.  How can that be?  Are we not all born with a loving and giving heart?

Can our hearts only hold so much and then it shuts down?  Or can it only be broken so many times then it will stay broken?  How is it that we can outlive the pain from a broken heart?  Does it actually heal like a broken bone?  I broke my ankle many years ago and still to this day, from time to time I get pain in the same area.  Is that the same as remembering something that broke my heart years ago?

Why is it I can look at my daughter who will be forty this year and still feel the same way as I did the first time I saw here the day I gave birth?  Why is it my heart flutters every time my husband of twenty years kisses me?  Does my heart actually live in my brain and it sends these signals to my chest?

I have no answers for these questions but I do know I am glad I’m one of the lucky people who have a healed broken heart, always willing to love again, trust again and for the most part just remember the good things that has happened to this part of my being.



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