A Sneak Preview

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I am working on a another book so I thought I would put a sneak preview out here to grab some attention.  This book is more of a thriller based on some places I have been and some real events.

I woke with a jolt.  I tried not to jump. It took everything I had to lie there trying to get my bearings.  It was barely daylight.  What had awakened me?  I strained to hear anything that would give me a clue but all I could hear was the bit of wind blowing through the pines below the ridge.

As quiet as I could, I unzipped the sleeping bag and folded it away from my feet.  I sat up with less pain than the day before.  “That’s good,” I whispered to myself.  I slowly got to my hands and knees and moved the tent flap so that I could see the clearing.  I didn’t see anything or anyone, so I stepped out of the tent and stood.  “Still sore but better.  Today should be an easier day.”

Looking at the fire, fear ran through me, almost knocking me to the ground.  I realized I had not been alone.  The fire was still smoldering from the night before but someone had rearranged the rocks I had circled to make the fire pit.  Panic was setting in and the thought of running off into the woods like a fool was sounding like a good idea in the back of my mind.  Instead I casually looked around while I walked over to the newly arranged rocks.  Pretending as if I hadn’t noticed I picked up a couple of small sticks and stirred the ash covered coals.  “Guess I better get going.”  I turned and walked back to the tent.

I folded the sleeping bag and tent.  I packed them away into my backpack.  I kept my jacket on as it was still chilly.  I had no idea what the temperature was and I really didn’t care.  I just needed to move on.  I got my pack up on my back, then took the time to look around.  “Oh crap!  The fire!”

I let the pack fall as I walked over to the fire.  I started kicking what dirt I could find on the coals.  “Don’t need to start a forest fire on top of everything else,” I chastised myself.  The fire was still hot, so even though it was beyond my better judgment I took one of the water bottles and sprinkled the fire with all of the water.  That left me almost half of a bottle.  As soon as I make my way back down to the creek I passed last night I would have two full bottles again.  With that thought I took out the other bottle and took a big drink.  I tucked the bottle back into the backpack, then swung it back onto my shoulders.

Yikes, my mind takes me to some really creepy places in this book.  I’m shooting for September to complete the story.  Still working on the ending and the editing.




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