All The Answers

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Getting older sometimes is just the pits.  My brain thinks I’m still thirty years old but my body keeps screaming it’s not and never will be again.  I believe it’s totally unfair that strong, healthy bodies are wasted on the young, silly minds of our youth.  True it takes some of us longer to become wiser with our lives but just think how much more we could accomplish if we had old age wisdom in our teens?  How different things would have been if I knew what I knew now back when I just thought I knew everything.  Words probably most people over sixty say.

Some say life is about choices.  I suppose it’s true, I did choose to take this job or that one.  I didn’t choose though for my new boss to be a total butt head, he did that on his or her own.  It seems no matter what choices in life one makes there always seems to be that one person that wants to make things harder in your life for what ever reason.  I haven’t figured out that part of life yet.  Why do people want to cause stress and complications to other people’s life?

If I had actually known back then what I have learned and experienced over the years would I still be the better person I am now?  Maybe I would have been the better person earlier in life?  I like to think I made choices from the heart, even the bad ones.  I don’t think I ever set out to make anyone’s life harder.   Although my children would look at me like I was trying to kill them when they had chores to get done.

Maybe wisdom would be wasted on the young?  The answer to that I suppose is what is considered young?  At nineteen, I thought I was mature and wouldn’t hang out with high school kids.  At twenty-seven I was keeping company with much younger and much older friends.  In my forties most my friends were in their forties.  Now, my friends range from their twenties to their eighties.  My eighty-three year old friend thinks I’m so young.  I think I have shoes older than my twenty-five year old friend.   One thing we all agree on, is that life is a learning experience.

I doubt if I will live long enough to understand it all.  Wouldn’t it be a wonderful thing if we all lived long enough to know all the answers?



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