Two Young Lovers


She was sitting at her desk at work, trying to keep her mind on the job but the memories of the past few months hurt too deeply to forget.  Having been lied to, cheated on and treated like dirt again the last thing from her mind was a man.  The divorce would be final in a week or so said the two lawyers.  Her soon be to be ex-husband just kept throwing wrenches into the mix causing delays.  Was it his guilty conscience that kept him delaying the final outcome?  He was already living with the woman he cheated with when he was married to her.  Why keep dragging this out?  She just wanted things over and done with so she could go on with her life.

A knock at the office door broke her trance on the past, or soon to be past.  Her daughter poked her head into the office with a bright and cheery, “Hey Mom.  Ya busy?”

“Not really, why?”

“I want you to meet someone.”

Great she thought, no really being in the mood to be social with anyone but how could she refuse that girl with the million dollar smile.  A tall man in a dark blue police uniform followed the young woman into the office.

“Mom, this is Officer Bloodworth.  He’s the policeman that I was telling you about.  He keeps an eye on all of the stores when he’s working to make sure all of us girls are safe.”

The shook hands and smiled politely.  “Nice to meet you.  You have a great daughter.  We try to keep an eye on all of the ladies at your stores.”

She smiled back and thanked him for the consideration and protection.  Protect and Serve, right?  Relieved that she didn’t have to carry on much conversation as he received a call on his radio and had to attend to police business.  She worked into the night so that she wouldn’t have to face the empty house waiting for her again that evening.

Several weeks went by with no notice of the final hearing date.  Just more games from the husband that refused to be an ex.  She had got a phone call that he was saying she had stolen his pistol from his belongings.  Not wanting to be blamed for anything involving a gun that she didn’t own, she called the police to make out a stolen gun report.  How surprised she was when Officer Bloodworth turned up at her door to take the report.  After the report was taken and he had left she noticed she was smiling.  She hadn’t done that in months.  The police officer had said since she had made the stolen gun report he would bet that the soon to be ex would say he found the pistol and that he had it after all.  Sure enough two days later the exact thing happened.

Several weeks later the daughter was having all four of her wisdom teeth extracted.  The day before the oral surgery Officer Bloodworth stopped by her office and invited himself over the next evening.  Said since the daughter would be out of it and probably not eating he thought he would bring pizza over for our dinner.  Her first reaction was to say no thankful but for some reason she couldn’t say no.  What could it hurt?

The next evening right on time, the officer showed up with pizza and beer.  They both helped the daughter eat some soup the short time she was awake.  After she went to bed the two of them sat on the sofa talking into the early morning hours.  The conversation came easily.  When he went to leave he bent down and kissed ever so gently.  Surprised, she kissed back.

So was the beginning of a love story.  Stranger meetings I am sure has happened.  After all it’s not many daughters that introduce their mother to her future husband.  I was done with men.  Had my fill of trying to figure them out or even begin to understand them.  My heart had been broken too many times and I wasn’t in any hurry to have it broken again.  However, after that one night of sharing a pizza and taking care of my daughter I never thought about another man.  Officer Bloodworth had stolen my heart.

Just shy of four years after the famous pizza night we married.  Nothing fancy, just a trip to Chattanooga Tennessee, an outside the courthouse wedding by the preacher that volunteers there to marry lovers.   A cloudy, misting rain day.  But just as we started to say our vows the sun came out from behind the clouds and shone down upon us.  I was so overwhelmed with emotion tears started leaking from my eyes.

Today we celebrate our twentieth anniversary.  A lot has happened in those twenty years.  Good times and bad, we have stayed the course.  Many would have given up and walked away.  We came close a few times but fought our way back into each others arms.  After twenty years he still kisses me as gently as he did the very first time.  He still owns my heart and I his.  What more could a married woman ask of a man?  Riches?  I am rich every time we are in a store together and he takes my hand and holds it firmly.  Or when he puts his arm around me.  Why he even gives me tiny gentle kisses even when we are in public.

We are still two young lovers in our minds.  True, our bodies have aged but our love is still young.  Doesn’t get much better than that and you can take that to the bank.


2 responses to “Two Young Lovers

  1. Happy Anniversary! Isn’t it wonderful to be married to your Best Friend? I know that I love it too! This is the way it should be!

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