Released from Hell

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After a 9.75 mile bicycle ride this morning I had the nerve to make my phone calls to Bob in Bombay.  To my surprise a real Bob that sounded like he was from Ohio answered the phone.  I almost fell out of my chair.  “Good Morning, my name is Bob.  How may I help you?”

Well, Bob, I was in password hell all day yesterday and I just want to access my accounts, get my messages and check on my billing.  I explained what password hell was and Bob just kept laughing.  I was so happy to not be talking to Bob in Bombay the person on the other end of the line could laugh all he wanted, I didn’t care.

I dreaded making the calls so much that last night password hell visited me in my sleep, causing me to toss and turn most of the night.  To my surprise Bob had me up and running, all passwords fixed and I could access all of my accounts.

I learned one thing this weekend and that’s to never call customer support on the weekend.  Your call is directed straight to hell and you are stuck there until Monday.   On top of that, I didn’t have to go through all the rules of making up a password.  My accounts accepted the silly words the first try.

After running some errands I sat down at my computer and tried logging on to several accounts.  Low and behold, all the new passwords worked and I was in my accounts in a flash.

I have been released from password hell!  Live is good.



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